My Story

Hello…my name is Denise

Fitness has been a passion of mine since I was a kid – it all began with dance lessons when I was 8 years old; downhill skiing at 12; then I was a majorette twirling a baton and marching in parades; in high school I was a cheer leader.

As an adult I continued to try all kinds of different activities – aerobics, competitive swimming, running, ballroom dancing – and then at age 45 I took a yoga class.  I was so impressed at how it made my body feel that in 2006 I earned my first Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.  Although I didn’t have time to make it a full time profession, over the next 10 years, I kept practicing and taking educational workshops & more certifications, until I was able to leave the corporate world.

Yoga and How the Body Ages

Yoga has served my body well.  What I learned  was this:  if you do your yoga first, then you can do any other activity you want.  Age is not a factor.  Compared to most people my age, I have more strength; I am flexible in all areas of my body; I have no arthritis; and I still have lots of energy.  I give full credit to Yoga.

At my Advanced Teacher Training in 2016, I was introduced to  Chair Yoga (also known as Adaptive Yoga or Accessible Yoga).  I was amazed at how challenging a yoga practice you could achieve sitting on and/or using a chair.  I knew I wanted to help people my age be STRAIGHT, STRONG & STURDY so they too could live more active, vibrant lives.  AGING STRONGLY became my mission.

To achieve my mission and help my 55+ followers,  I took specialized courses all focusing on the the Anatomy of the Aging Body;  Age-Related Health Issues; and Posture & How it Affects our Health”.

My classes are full of learning about your body and how yoga helps.  I am not a traditional yoga teacher.  I like my classes to be fun!  I teach everyone from THE CHAIR, and the reason for this is:  everyone can do yoga when they start from a chair.  There are standing postures but they too are done with the support of the chair.  Be ready to move your body like you’ve never done before.

And one last benefit of yoga, it helps slow down the aging process.  I’d sign up for that one alone!


Here is a list of my certificates:

RYT 300 –  YogaSpace, Toronto (Yoga as a Healing Modality, Restorative Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Hatha Yoga)

MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) – Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Toronto

RYT 200 – Balanced Life Yoga, Toronto (Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga)

100 Hour Ashtanga Intensive – Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto