Fundamentals of MOVEMENT

Being pain free takes personal effort and commitment.  It doesn’t come from a pill bottle, a brace, special chair or mattress.

Over the years, we get sloppy and/or lazy in how we move.  Moving anatomically correctly can dramatically reduce or eliminate pain in our joints and muscles.  Learning the key fundamentals of movement can be a simple solution to a big problem.

STATISTIC:  In third world countries like Africa, Central Asia, China, where people have to work manually all day bending over, lifting, carrying heavy baskets on their heads, they have a 5% incidence of back pain.  In North America, we have an 85% incidence of back pain.

Proper movement and daily movement, plus a therapeutically effective fitness program like Chair Yoga, can give you results like this:

  • Build muscle mass & flexibility
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Improve range of motion in joints
  • Decrease or even eliminate pain

It’s never too late to start!  My Chair Yoga classes are filled with instruction and modifications for individual issues, and lots of opportunity to practice movement so you can incorporate it into your daily activities.