Fitness is easy when you do your Chair Yoga!

Whether you stand, sit on a mat, lie on a bolster, stand beside a chair or sit on a chair,  yoga is a brilliant and easy way to get a full workout.   Or if you don’t have enough time, you can get an area-specific workout (i.e.  hips only, neck & shoulders).  You can even  alternate all these options, adding other props such as blocks and belts.  The result will always be the same – a FIT you!

CHAIR YOGA is a specialized yoga practice for all ages and all abilities.  Some people can’t or don’t like using a mat; some people need the support of a chair whether it’s due to age or due to injury.  Chair Yoga accommodates all needs and restrictions.  We even use blocks and straps to ensure everyone gets the most benefit from their practice.

Our Structure as it AGES:

  1. MUSCLES – lose their mass & strength
  2. BONES – get brittle & break
  3. JOINTS – get crunchy & hurt

What YOGA can do:

  1. Build muscle MASS & increase FLEXIBILITY
  2. Improve coordination & BALANCE
  3. Increase Range of MOTION of joints
  4. Decrease or even eliminate PAIN

With a variety of Yoga options, there’s no excuse for not participating.  Everyone can join in!